the iceclimbing worldcup has startd on its big run

사무국 | 2011.01.07 21:15

@cheongsong, Korea

the technical meeting was our first official schedule

at that meeting, Andrej Pecjak(UIAA/ICICC Delegate) explained rules and regulations of iceclimbing worldcup.

During the meeting, there was a noticable event. Stephanie maureau who join the competition coming from

france ready for pictures of her friend name of chloe, she was a famous climber who passed away last year

during climbing. Everybody commemorated her passion and the chllenges about climbing not only persons who know

chloe but also people who don't know until now.

Finally, At the grandopening ceremony.

Many celebrities came to join the ceremony to congraturate the first of the iceclimbing worldcup in asia. and also

korean traditional dance performed in front of all the guests. By the middle of the ceremony,

the spectators were even more excite.

lastly, we had the flag ceremony and interoduced all of the players and all the parties concerned.

Tommorow, we will begin the game in earnest!! please pay attention the notice board !

You can get exciting news all about the ice climbing worldcup!!